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Lionel 3814 Automatic Merchandise Boxcar

Lionel 3814 boxcar

Lionel’s 3814 merchandise car actually threw small crates out by remote control. The boxcar doesn’t work very well though. When it does work it throws the crates about a foot. That would have to be one very strong guy hidden in there to throw a crate 50 scale feet.The 3814 automatic merchandise car was one of the first remote control cars made by Lionel. It was cataloged from 1939 to 1942.

Two versions were made – the decaled version shown above and a rubber stamped version shown below.Original Lionel crates come in red or brown (shown) and have “Baby Ruth” embossed on them. Reproduction crates are available and do not have “Baby Ruth” on them. Collectors will pay $10-15 for the empty envelope the crates came in.

Rarity: While most collectors think the rubber stamped 3814 is harder to find, the decaled version is actually harder to find. The decaled version was made in 1939 only.

Lionel 3814 merchandise car

Lionel 3814 Tuscan. RS lettering.