Prewar 0 Gauge

Lionel 812 Gondola

Lionel 812 Gondola Mohave
The 812 gondola was introduced by Lionel in 1926, and was cataloged through 1942. It came in the following colors:

  • Mohave
  • Dark Green
  • Stephan Girard Green – also called Apple
  • 45N or Accessory Green – found in two shades, darker shade comes with brass or nickel platesand with latch or box couplers
  • Flat Orange with nickel plates

Here’s pictures of the different cars:
Lionel 812 gondola dark green
Dark Green
Lionel 812 gondola apple green
Apple Green
Lionel 812 dark accessory green
Dark Accessory Green

For a photo of the light green with nickel plates and the flat orange cars see the 2812 gondolas.

Below is a photo showing the loads Lionel provided with the 812 and 2812 gondolas. The cars always came with barrels. Early barrels were wine shaped as shown on the left, later barrels were oil shaped as
shown on the right. Gondolas sold in work train sets with the 810 or 2810 crane also came with the tools shown. Tools were also sold separately as the 812T.

Lionel prewar gondola loads