Prewar 0 Gauge

Lionel 2812 Gondola

Lionel 2812 orange nickel
The 2812 gondola is the same as the 812 gondola except the 2812 has automatic couplers. Lionel made the 2812 from 1938 to


Lionel made four versions:

    • Accessory green with nickel plates and box couplers
    • Orange with nickel plates and dished frame and simulated knuckle couplers (shown above)
    • Orange with white rubber stamped lettering and dished frame
    • Same as 3 but with low couplers for use with the scale detailed cars. Sold as 2812X

2812 Gondola accessory green
Accessory green
2812X gondola orange
2812X in orange.

The orange car with nickel plates is the rarest gondola. The green one is the most common. The 2812X is easier to find than the normal 2812 but because a 2812X can be converted to a 2812 by changing the trucks, collectors will not pay extra for the car.