Prewar 0 Gauge

Lionel 814 Boxcar 1926-42

The Lionel 814 box car was introduced in 1926 and was cataloged through 1942. The 814 is not known to exist with rubber stamped lettering. The cream and orange cars can be found with peacock or pea green door guides. On all other cars the door guides match the roof.

In 1936, Lionel removed one of the stantions holding the brake wheel shaft from the car. The lower stantion was also removed the 813 cattle cars. All cars made after 1936 have only one stantion.

It is possible to make odd colored cars such as cream with brown roof by changing roofs.

The early short wheelbase car is the hardest to find. Next in rarity is the cream and maroon 814 . All other versions are quite common. Here are photos of the Lionel 814 Box Cars:

814Cream sides, orange roof, peacock door guides. This car has a large door handle. 814 Cream, orange, pea green doorguides. Small door handle.
814 Cream, orange. 814 Yellow, brown. Brass plates.
814 Yellow, brown. Nickel plates. Two yellow/ brown cars. Early car on
left with brass plates has 2 stantions on brake wheel. Later car on right has one.
814 Cream, maroon.

In 1938 Lionel added automatic couplers to this car and sold it as the 2814 Boxcar.