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Lionel 2817 Caboose

Lionel 2817 Caboose
The Lionel 2817 caboose is the same as the 817 caboose, except for the addition of automatic couplers. Introduced in 1938 and cataloged until 1942, there are four variations of the 2817 caboose.

  1. Bright red with nickel plates and painted observation railings
  2. Flat red with tuscan roof nickel plates and windows on dish frame
  3. Same as 3 but white painted windows
  4. Flat red with tuscan roof and white rubber stamped lettering on a dished frame.

Either flat red caboose with nickel plates is the hardest to find and most desirable. The bright red caboose is the most common. The caboose is the most common of the 800/2800 series freight cars.

Lionel rubber stamped 2817