Prewar 0 Gauge

Lionel Prewar 0 Gauge 251 Electric Locomotive 1925-32

The 251 was introduced in 1925 and cataloged through 1932. The 251E with two position reverse was introduced in 1927 and cataloged until 1932. The engine is 10 inches long- not including couplers.

251 Gray. Brass windows.

251E Gray. Red windows.

251 Red. Cream windows.

The gray engine comes with strap or cast headlights. The red engine is found with or without a cream stripe on the at the bottom of the cab.

Sets: These engines came with matching 605/ 606 passenger cars. The red engine also came in an uncataloged set with the larger 710/ 712 cars in red. This engine also came with the large 8 wheeled 800 series freight cars.

Rarity: Red is harder to find than gray. The red engine with a cream stripe is the hardest to find.