prewar 00 scale

Lionel’s 00 Scale Tank Cars

0015, 0025, 0045, 0045K and 0075

Lionel 00 tank cars were offered in both scale (0015 and 0045) and semi-scale versions (0025 and 0075). The 0015 and 0025 had three rail trucks while the 0045 and 0075 featured two rail trucks. The 0045K was a kit version of the two rail tank car.

Two rail cars would run on either two or three rail track, but three rail cars would cause shorts on two rail track.

The cars were offered in black with Shell decals and silver with Sunoco decals. The semi-scale versions did not have the tank underneath the frame. The black cars have catalog numbers rubber stamped on the bottom of the frame. The silver cars either have the catalog number on the decal or the number 2699 on the decal with the number on the frame. There are more variations of the tank car than any other Lionel 00 car.

Lionel 0015 shell tank car

Lionel black 0015 Shell tanker

Lionel 0015 Sunoco tank car

Lionel Silver 0015 Sunoco tanker with number on decal.

Lionel 0025 shell tank car

Lionel 0025 black Shell tank Car. Note the lack of a brake cylinder.

Lionel 0075 shell tank car

Lionel 0075 Shell tank car with 2699 on decal. All later versions of the silver tank have this decal.

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