prewar 00 scale

Lionel’s oo Scale Boxcars

0014, 0024, 0044, 0044K and 0074

Lionel made four different numbers of boxcars. The 0014 and 0024 came with three rail trucks and the 0044 and 0077 featured two rail trucks. The lower numbers (0014 and 0044) are scale models, while the higher numbers (0024 and 0074) are semi-scale models lacking some detail. The 0044K was also offered in kit form. Two rail cars Two rail cars will run on three rail track, but three rail cars will cause shorting on two rail track.

Here are pictures of the different variations:

lionel 0014 boxcar

The earliest version is painted cream with maroon cat walk and multi-colored decals. Only found in 1938 sets as an 0014.

lionel 00 boxcar

Second color is tuscan with black painted ladders. Found in ALL numbers 0014, 0024, 0044, and 0074. A picture of an 0044 in this version is shown below. Made from 1939 to 1941?

lionel 0024 boxcar

Last version has unpainted ladders. found in all numbers? Although this looks like a different color than the car above most collectors consider this a normal variation in paint. The O gauge 2954 Semi scale boxcar is also found in these different shades of tuscan.

lionel 0074 boxcar

This 0074 is a cream painted 0014 factory repainted and decaled as a 0074. You can see the cream paint under the tuscan paint. These can be found in the all numbers?

Most of these cars were sold in small rectangular orange and blue Lionel boxes. The kit version of the 0044K and the separate sale 0044 boxcar came in display boxes.

Here’s a picture of an 0044 in the display box.

lionel oo44 boxcar in display box

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