Postwar 0 Gauge

Lionel 3359 Postwar Dump Car 1955-58

Lionel 335955 dump car

Lionel made the 3359 from 1955 to 1958. This car has an interesting action. When activated over a UCS track section one side dumps, and then the other side dumps.

While the car says 335955 on the side, Lionel cataloged it as the 3359. No variations are known.

Postwar 0 Gauge

Lionel 6167 Caboose Postwar 1963

Lionel 6167 Caboose

The Lionel 6167 caboose comes with or without lettering. The lettered versions are always red.

Unlettered versions come in red, yellow, brown and olive. Olive is the most desirable of the unlettered 6167 cabooses.

The lettered caboose was made in unpainted and painted versions. The painted versions come on different colored molds, but are always painted red. I’ve seen black, olive, orange, red, and gray molds painted red.

Black, red, and olive molds painted red are quite rare. Orange and gray are more common. An orange mold painted red is shown below.

Lionel 6167 Caboose

The painted 6167 cabooses have an unpainted area inside where the body was held during painting. This is easily visible without taking the shell off the frame.

Postwar 0 Gauge

Lionel 53 Rio Grande Snow Plow Postwar 1957-60

Lionel Rio Grande Snow Plow 53

Lionel introduced the 53 Rio Grande snow plow in 1957. It was made through 1960. Two versions were produced. The version shown above with the A in Grande backwards, and a correct A version. The backwards version is much more common.

Lionel 53 Snow Plow

The 53 snow plow is capable of pulling a few cars, but not a long train. This type of loco is called a Motorized Unit by collectors.

When found today the window struts on the 53 are usually broken. This happens when the loco is picked up by the cab. If you are buying a small switcher, check to make sure the struts are not repaired or cracked.

Since 1980, Lionel has made snow plows in many road names with the 53 cab. The same cab without the attached plow was also used on the small military switchers.

Postwar 0 Gauge

Lionel Postwar 464 Saw Mill 1956-60

Lionel 464 Saw mill

This is a fun postwar accessory. A log car dumps logs into the tray on the right. When the 464 saw mill is turned on, the logs are pulled into the building and finished lumber comes out on the left.

The lumber is loaded into the mill using the slot on the roof. The back has a door to get the logs out.

Lionel 464 Sawmill

Lionel made the 464 from 1956 to 1960. There are no variations. This unit has been reissued by Lionel in a number of colors and numbers since 1980.

When found, the red sawdust collector on the roof is often missing or broken. Replacements are available.

Postwar 0 Gauge

Lionel 193 Industrial Water Tower 1953-55

Lionel 193 Industrial Water Tower

Lionel made the 193 industrial water tower from 1953 to 1955. The light on the top of the tank blinks.

There is supposed to be a red lens on the top of the tank. It’s the same part as the lights on the 252 crossing gate.

The tower comes with either red or black or black sheet metal structures. Red is shown above. Black brings a premium.

Copies of this tower have been made recently by Lionel and MTH.